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All the accounts have been migrated, but passwords will have to be reset as those were and are encrypted and unable to be copied by us. The previous e-commerce solution was moved to old.wotactical.com , so all existing orders will stay there until completed at which point we will be shutting it down.

Introducing White Orca Tactical

Serial Builders Subscription Boxes


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On the 1st we ship you a box of AR parts.

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Endless possibilities.

We love building AR-15's, AR-10's and AR pistols, who doesn't? We decided we wanted to make the joy of building ar's easier for everyone. Every month we'll send out a box of quality AR parts and gunsmithing tools right to your doorstep (Lowers must be transferred to a valid FFL). No chinesium, no knock-offs, just top quality freedom bits for you to assemble, or integrate into your existing builds. Within every 12 month period, we'll send enough parts to build a complete rifle. Each month you'll receive products that exceed your subscription cost. We leverage the number of subscribers to get the absolute best pricing possible allowing you to get the best value.

Our enthusiast box is great starting point

for builders. With parts from manufacturers

such as Aero Precision, Fail Zero, and

Ballistic Advantage,and Midwest Industries.

In the middle, you'll find our Fanatic box.

This is where the really cool stuff starts.

Unique-AR handguards, New Frontier

Armory billet lowers. Rifles with parts from

this box are sure to turn a few heads.

For those who are serious about building

we have our Addict level box. Names like

Noveske, Badger, Black Rain and Odin

Works are just a sample of what you'll

see on a month to month basis.

AR Enthusiast Builders Box AR Enthusiast Builders Box

Price: $165.00/1 month(s)

Monthly Fee
AR Addict Builders Box AR Addict Builders Box

Price: $265.00/1 month(s)

Monthly Fee
AR Fanatic Builders Box AR Fanatic Builders Box

Price: $215.00/1 month(s)

Monthly Fee