Maybe you're an avid builder, or this is your first time building your own AR, you're going to find that we provide you each month with unique, quality parts sourced right here in the USA! At the end of every 12 month period, you'll have enough parts for own kickass rifle that you've built with your own two hands or more custom parts to modify existing rifles you already have.

The entry level box has everything you need to get started in the world of AR-15 building. Sample of companies include like Anderson Manufacturing, UTG, and Guntec USA.

Your first optional upgrade into the wonderful world of grown-up legos is the Enthusiast builders box.  Here's where you'll see names like Fail Zero, Midwest Industries, and MagPul.

Our Fanatic builders box includes even higher quality parts. Billet receivers fall in this series, as well as parts from Phase5, Radian, and Unique-Ars.

The Addict builders box is our top tier box. For those who are serious about their AR's. For those who can't seem to get enough of creating sheer badassery from a pile of parts, this is the box for you! Black Rain, Odin Works, Troy and Noveske are a few of the names you'll see in this box.

All of our boxes will also feature an assortment of gunsmithing tools, range goodies, and other firearm related items. We also Occasionally throw in T-Shirts on top of the months parts so make sure and select the size you want.

Every 12 months, you'll have enough parts to build a complete rifle. Including the lower receiver, for this reason please add the name of a local FFL you would like to use for your transfer. We handle the rest. You'll also have the full support of White Orca Tactical every step of the way, so building your own AR doesn't have to be so stressful. Why take all the fun out of it when we can drop the fun right at your doorstep. Let us help you with the hard stuff, while you have all the fun!

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