Find a great deal online but need someone to process your transfer for you? We have some of the lowest transfer fee's in the area, and we discount additional firearms. 

If you aren't familiar with us or want to check us out, please feel free to verify before you buy. To do so, please visit the ATF's FFL eZ-check website to verify our FFL number (5-74-08504).

Our transfer fees are listed in the below table:

Group First Firearm Additional Firearms
Group A $15.00 $5.00
Group B $20.00 $10.00
Everyone Else $40.00 $20.00






Group A:

Active Military

Current first responders


Retired first responders


Group B:

CHL/LTC holders

A Girl and A Gun members

US and TX Law Shield Members.


Please put all information you have regarding the incoming transfer into the box above. Transfer fees are paid at the time of the transfer.

Current Stock:
Transfer Fee Group